Perfect Litter is a natural, mineral based product that answers all the needs of a cat owner, especially ease-of use and off-the-chart odor control! This amazing litter is extremely lightweight yet absorbs 4x the amount of liquid as clay litters. With its great solid clumping ability and super light weight, Perfect Litter makes caring for the litter box a quick and easy chore- even in multiple cat households.

Perfect Litter uses a natural clumping agent– approved for use in food- instead of sodium bentonite, which may be harmful to some cats, not to mention the environment. Perfect Litter is composed of highly absorbent minerals that lock in moisture with a natural odor control that eliminates odor causing bacteria, virtually eliminating the smell of feline urine.. And Perfect Litter lasts a long time: One (1) 4-pound box of Perfect Litter, used properly, lasts 4-5 weeks, for one cat. Really? You bet!!